Q Butchers set to sizzle in national BBQ contest

Q Butchers set to sizzle in national BBQ contest

Q Guild butchers nationwide are set to sizzle in the final of their annual BBQ competition.

All participating regions of the Q Guild, which represents 110 elite butchers from the Scottish Highlands to Cornwall, have now staged their respective local heats.

The champions from each area will now fire up their barbecues and go head to head in six product categories at the national final at the Weber Grill Academy in Oxford, next Tuesday, April 29th, when the kings of the chargrill will be crowned.

The product categories are pork sausage, beefburger, sirloin steak, speciality sausage, speciality burgers and speciality barbecue product.

The national final is being staged as the 2014 BBQ season gets into full swing, with Q butchers across the nation geared up to supply the full range of summer barbecue products – with a little help from the Great British weather!

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