Q Guild to launch ‘Product of the Month’ initiative

Q Guild to launch ‘Product of the Month’ initiative

The Butchers Q Guild is set to unveil a new national initiative, the ‘Q Guild Product of the Month’ promotion, which will see new products launched to the public via its 110 member shops nationwide on a monthly basis.

Mark Turnbull.

Q Guild national chairman, Mark Turnbull.

The initiative will begin in April and will see the Guild team up with some of its key partners, all of whom are industry suppliers, on the campaign.

Q Guild national chairman, Alnwick butcher Mark Turnbull, explained: “Our key partners’ product development teams will be working closely with the Guild to develop a range of products that they consider can be successful for Guild members – and will be unique to them. We are also confident they will prove to be a real hit with our customers.”

As part of the initiative Q Guild members will also be equipped with a purpose-designed marketing package. It will contain posters and other informative point of sale material promoting the chosen product of the month, along with a back shop calendar clearly detailing what product is required for each month and specific instructions on how to create it.

Turnbull added: “This is the first national promotion the Q Guild has undertaken in my term at the helm. It will continue every month with exciting new products launched to the public with the help of our member businesses and key partners.

“We are encouraging all in the Q Guild to support this new campaign and utilise these powerful marketing tools to help drive each member shop forward by working together in partnership to become stronger.

“In turn, we are feeding an ever-increasing hunger from the general public for new product ideas that are both inventive and inspirational.”

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