Recruitment of highly qualified young people key for beef and lamb sector

Recruitment of highly qualified young people key for beef and lamb sector

The future success of the beef and lamb sector is dependent on attracting young, highly skilled people into the industry.

EBLEX chairman John Cross said that seizing global opportunities and succession planning were key to building on the industry’s foundations.

Closing EBLEX’s annual conference in Warwickshire, he said: “We must ensure the industry capitalises on maximising the current market potential, but it is crucial to attract highly skilled young people into the industry to keep the momentum going.

“We have a sound future but we have to be up there with the absolute best. We need more young highly qualified people to join this industry, while producing more efficiently.”

A well-attended conference had earlier heard how EBLEX had developed new export markets, in particular opening 50 non-EU markets in the last two years. They were also told about potential future export opportunities but stressed the complexities and time involved in gaining access to new markets. Opportunities in the domestic market were examined, as was EBLEX’s ongoing work in tackling issues around climate change and the impact of livestock on the environment.

Mr Cross added: “We must make sure the market wants us and the products we produce, but we have to protect our international reputation and manage risk to secure our future.”

A full report will appear in the November/December issue of Meat Management.

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