Report reviews EBLEX achievements

Report reviews EBLEX achievements

Sponsorship of Matt and Allegra’s Big Farm TV series, work developing further new non-EU export markets, two reports demonstrating the value of the English beef and sheep industry, and the delivery of 267 Better Returns Programme events across the country all add up to a successful year for EBLEX, according to a new publication.

The 2011/12 EBLEX levy payer report, which is now available to download from, provides an overview of EBLEX income and expenditure and outlines key activities which have taken place during the financial year.

Nick Allen

EBLEX sector director, Nick Allen: “It’s essential to show we are offering value for money to our levy payers.”

The levy review that took place during the previous year, as a response to opportunities and threats identified within the sector, saw EBLEX income from the English beef and lamb levy increase by £1.8 million over what it would have been at the previous levy rate. This year’s report therefore gives a breakdown of how this additional income has been invested in two specific areas: developing exports in new markets and better communicating the benefits of red meat.

“In a year where changes were made to the levy rate, it’s essential to show we are offering value for money to our levy payers,” said EBLEX sector director Nick Allen.

“I’m confident that the specific projects funded by the additional levy income, when viewed together with our day-to-day activity geared towards achieving the dual objectives of helping the supply chain become more efficient and adding value to the industry, demonstrate this.

“Specifically, it’s good to see that our strategy of devoting more resources to opening new markets is beginning to pay dividends, with non-EU beef exports in 2011 up 57% on the previous year and non-EU sheep meat exports up 40%. This has undoubtedly had a positive effect on the price paid to our producers and processors.”

The report is now available to download from the corporate publications section of Hard copies of the report will be distributed with the autumn Better Returns Programme bulletin and are available on request by emailing or calling 0870 242 1394.

The full set of EBLEX accounts are available within the AHDB annual report, which can be downloaded from the publications section of

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