Retailer helps coalition in drive to cut out red tape for SMEs

Retailer helps coalition in drive to cut out red tape for SMEs

The coalition government’s drive to cut red tape has been aided by high street entrepreneur and master butcher, Gary Chadwick of Chadwick’s Butchers in Balham.

Gary Chadwick has been working to help the Business, Innovations & Skills department who are at the forefront of the drive to cut red tape with the aim of helping SME’s grow and reduce their costs caused by too many layers of legislation.

Gary Chadwick and the NFMFT's Roger Kelsey chat with Lord Curry and Vince Cable.

Gary Chadwick and the NFMFT’s Roger Kelsey chat with Lord Curry and Vince Cable.

Working with senior civil servant, Beth White and the chairman of The Federation of Meat and Food Traders, Roger Kelsey Gary did a case study of Chadwick’s butchers. They looked at the problems suffered due to current legislation. Their findings were reported to Brussels and the European Union.

This culminated in an exhibition within the BIS department where Gary Chadwick had the opportunity to meet with the Right Honourable Vince Cable, the business secretary and Lord Curry. They discussed the impact of the change in employment laws and the cutting of red tape. Gary Chadwick said: “The rebalance of employment to better support the employer is a positive move” and “The cutting of red tape gives entrepreneurs the freedom to express themselves“.

The right honourable Vince Cable and Lord Curry were very interested in the feedback from Mr Chadwick and to see a small business like Chadwick’s Butchers benefitting from the removal of some layers of legislation. When asked by Vince Cable and Lord Curry how the government’s policies have helped his business he replied “Removing bureaucratic barriers have given us the confidence to expand our business”.

Gary Chadwick and Chadwick’s Butchers say they intend to continue working with the BIS department with the aim to improve the legislative environment for SME’s.

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