Rhug Estate introduces sustainable packaging for its organic meat

Rhug Estate introduces sustainable packaging for its organic meat

Rhug Estate has introduced sustainable packaging for the majority of its organic meat products.

Rhug Estate’s new BBQ box where the majority of products are packaged using the new recyclable cardboard trays.

The introduction of new cardboard meat trays, which can be disposed of in a standard recycling bin, is the latest development in Rhug’s war against the use of single use plastic.

As well as being made of recyclable card, the new meat cardboard trays give the consumer an extra two days on the use-by date – that means a Rhug Organic Steak will stay fresh for 12 days.

Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug Estate, said: “I have always maintained a policy to protect and enhance the environment for the next generation. Continuing with my sustainable way of thinking we are constantly looking at how each aspect of the business can reduce its carbon footprint.

“We have already moved to bio-degradable and more sustainable packaging in other parts of the business including our coffee cups, coffee trays, burger & lunch boxes. We are continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint by using more sustainable packaging materials in our farm shop and sourcing products from companies who also have similar sustainability beliefs to mine.”

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