Scotch lamb performs well over Easter

Scotch lamb performs well over Easter

NFU Scotland’s secret Easter bunny shopper discovered that Morrison’s, Lidl and Aldi stocked only British and Scottish-produced lamb on their fresh meat aisles this Easter.

By comparison, NFU Scotland says the other retailers visited were found to be offering a mix of imported and domestic lamb.

Scotch Lamb.

Livestock policy manager John Sleigh advised prior to Easter weekend that Scots wanting to show support for local farming should shop at Morrison’s, Aldi or Lidl.

Sleigh pointed out that while NFU Scotland didn’t get around all the local butchers, past experience suggested that the majority of them would also be backing local producers for their lamb offering over Easter, with many butchers being able to tell a customer which farm a particular lamb had been reared on.

Before the weekend Sleigh said: “Lambing is underway across Scotland and many people are likely to be out and about in the beautiful Scottish countryside enjoying the sight of young lambs in the fields.

“For those putting in the long hours on Scotland’s sheep farms, there would be no greater boost than for the Scottish public to sit down to tasty, succulent Scotch lamb this Easter. We ask them to back our farmers and buy local.”



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