Soanes Poultry appoints new general manager for animal husbandry arm

Soanes Poultry appoints new general manager for animal husbandry arm

East Yorkshire poultry firm, Soanes Poultry, has appointed existing finance director Claire Wright to the position of general manager for its broiler division, Clive Soanes Broilers Ltd.

Claire Wright, general manager of Soanes Poultry’s broiler division, Clive Soanes Broilers Ltd.

Clive Soanes Broilers is the animal husbandry division of Soanes Poultry’s integrated chicken business which cares for 700,000 birds and manages a further 500,000 birds on dedicated third party farms. Wright will assume her new role with immediate effect.

Soanes Poultry’s MD, Nigel Upson, said: “The restructure will enable us to focus on the two key aspects of this business, namely animal husbandry of the highest standard and likewise financial performance.

“The addition of Claire to manage financial and business performance will allow our area farms manager, Mark Ireland to focus on making our standards of operation, husbandry and welfare market-leading, as befits the position we command in the independent sector.

“The support from Claire will allow Mark to focus on husbandry and explore new technologies and animal health management techniques to build on our reputation as an ethical farming operation.

“I would like to thank Claire for her leading role in driving change in the management standards of the business and wish her well in this enhanced role which reflects her success.”

Claire Wright added: “As a qualified accountant with a career encompassing financial management and business planning combined with being a hands on farmer’s wife, this new position utilises my skills and I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that the role will bring.”

Wright joined Soanes Poultry in 2016 and was appointed to the board of directors of T. Soanes Poultry Ltd. in April 2019. She will relinquish some of her current responsibilities to enable her to fulfil both her finance director and general manager roles.

Soanes Poultry was featured in the latest edition of Meat Management, which you can view by clicking this link.

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