Survey reveals formula for the ‘perfect bacon butty’

Survey reveals formula for the ‘perfect bacon butty’

The formula for the ‘perfect bacon butty’ has been revealed according to a survey carried out by 2,014 UK adults in conjunction with IronmongeryDirect’s nationwide hunt for “Britain’s Best Bacon Butty”.

The perfect bacon butty has been revealed as three slices of smoked bacon in a white roll with brown sauce.

The best formula has been unveiled as three slices of smoked bacon in a white bread roll with brown sauce.

In the survey, 44% of respondents said their sandwich would be complete with a squeeze of brown sauce, compared to 36% who preferred ketchup.

A further 11% selected their sandwich without sauce, while only 4% admitted to choosing BBQ sauce.

The survey showed that 24% of Brits reported to liking their bread toasted when constructing their perfect sandwich, while 43% butter their bread before filling their sandwich.

Then there’s the matter of what the sandwich is called which the survey revealed is divided by region.

Those in the south commonly call their sandwich a bacon bap or roll, those in the midlands opt for cob, while those in the North West say barm.

Scottish residents are also known to call their bacon butty a bridie, buttery or rowie, with the research revealing they prefer sliced white bread (53%) rather than a roll (48%).

Wayne Lysaght-Mason, managing director of IronmongeryDirect, commented on the result: “We all agree that a bacon butty is a great way to start the day, however what we put in it is always up for debate.

“Reviewing the findings of our research proves how passionate we are about the great British breakfast staple, and how constructing it is a fine art.”

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