Tesco and Sainsbury’s latest retailers to ban disposable BBQs

Tesco and Sainsbury’s latest retailers to ban disposable BBQs

Tesco and Sainsbury’s have decided to stop selling disposable barbeques, following on from similar action by Marks and Spencer (M&S), Waitrose and Aldi.

The retailers say that rising alarm around the heatwaves across the UK has led to the action.

Tesco has announced that the ban is a temporary measure, whereas Sainsbury’s has not specified the duration of its restrictions.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “As a precautionary measure we are removing from sale all disposable barbecues until further notice. Safety is our highest priority and we have made this decision due to the hot and dry weather that we are currently experiencing across the country.”

At the beginning of August, M&S announced that it would be banning the sale of the product nationwide, following a ban already in place in stores near national parks and in London.

Commenting on the action at the time, a spokesperson said: “Given the hot and dry conditions, we’ve taken the precautionary step of removing them from sale across the UK.”

Aldi halted the sale of its range of disposable barbecues in March.

One trade body commentator told Meat Management: “This is clearly a sensible precaution, although it is a double edged sword at a time when retailers are trying to capitalise on the hot weather with the increased potential sales of BBQ style products. What level of impact this will have is difficult to estimate, but is probably not too significant.”

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