Tesco closes meat counters in 317 UK stores

Tesco closes meat counters in 317 UK stores

Tesco has announced it will close meat, fish and hot deli counters across 317 stores nationwide, with plans to repurpose the space to “better reflect [its] customers’ needs.”

In 2019, the retailer announced a simplification of its counters business. Tesco has now said that customer shopping behaviour has changed considerably over recent years which has led to a decrease in the number of customers using counters on a regular basis in some of its stores. According to the retailer, this has made it necessary to review “the relevance” of each counter within its stores.

In 279 stores where local customer demand for meat, fish or hot deli counters is significant, the company will continue to offer its counter services.

Tesco has said that there will be no redundancies related to these counters changes, as affected staff will be offered alternative roles.

In a statement, the retailer said that the changes made to the business “will ensure [the company] remains focused and competitive in a fast-changing market.”

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