Tesco vows to bring meat production “closer to home”

Tesco vows to bring meat production “closer to home”

Speaking to the BBC earlier today Tesco’s chief executive Philip Clarke pledged to shorten the meat production chain so it is: “Closer to home.”

That may be beginning with chicken as Tesco has said that by July all its chicken meat will come from British farms. He also said that a new testing process will mean that consumers can be sure that what is in the packet will be reflected on the label.

“The testing regime is intended to ensure that if it is not on the label it is not in the packet, if it is beef, it is beef and nothing else. And that is the most comprehensive testing regime I have ever seen, and it’s happening right now.

“The second thing is we’re going to bring meat production a bit closer to home. We do buy some, particularly our frozen products, out of Europe and as we can we’ll bring it closer to home. And the third thing is we’re going to have more partnerships, more collaboration with farmers.”

Clarke will be speaking to the NFU conference later on today.

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  1. Does anybody assosiated with the meat industry in the UK actually think there is enough chicken here to supply Tesco;
    Up to now Tesco has not had in the packet what it say has been in the packet, or are all the general public just to forget about that. Surely they should had had this testing regime in place earlier, seems to me “happening right now” is too late for the public.I imagine some produts out of Europe means”most”of them. Parterships &collaboration nothing mentioned about fair prices?

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    • I’ve been working in fresh poultry production for many years, although there are lots of producers of raw poultry in the UK, a lot of the product is already sucked up by big restaurant chains, I have had to start source poultry from abroad just to keep up supply with my customers, if Tesco’s take what little product is left available, it will drive the price’s through the roof as the will be more demand than supply, meaning for smaller business like mine will need to source all product from abroad or face going out of business, and the prices on the shelf at Tesco’s will go up. we should keep in mind whole chicken and chicken breasts/legs/wings can’t be anything other than chicken, they could lie on the source of the product, but from experience poultry from Italy France Belgium and even Poland are just as good quality if not in some case better than product from the UK.

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