Versatility of lamb demonstrated at Muslim Lifestyle Expo

Versatility of lamb demonstrated at Muslim Lifestyle Expo

AHDB Beef and Lamb recently ran live cooking and butchery demonstrations at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester to showcase home-grown lamb production and the value it can add to the Halal market.

Yousuf Mulla from Mullaco Ltd being awarded with prize

Yousuf Mulla from Mullaco Ltd being rewarded for the company’s use of new butchery ideas suited to Muslim consumers, from Mike Richardson.

At the event, AHDB Beef and Lamb showed consumers the wide variety of lamb cuts and recipes available, as well as the range of resources the organisation produces, such as cutting specifications and information booklets.

The organisation also recently ran a competition where Halal butchers were asked to demonstrate their use of new butchery ideas and recipes that are suited to modern Muslim shoppers. The winner was Halal butchers and wholesalers, Mullaco Ltd, who were rewarded for their uptake of AHDB information, such as utilising new cuts.

According to AHDB Beef and Lamb, the growing domestic market for Halal sheep meat presents a significant opportunity for the sheep industry. Muslim consumers are said to purchase around 20% of all sheep meat available in England, with consumption peaking around the Eid festivals and Qurbani.

Mike Richardson, AHDB Beef & Lamb independent sector retail manager, said: “The domestic Halal market is increasing in size and huge opportunities exist for the trade to further increase sales by offering products that better suit the needs of the modern Muslim shopper. These include products such as the mini roasting joints, which are being promoted as part of our current advertising campaign.

“We continue to conduct consumer research to examine attitudes and decision making among Muslim customers when purchasing meat,” Richardson continued. “This will help us focus future activity on supporting the sector, underlining our commitment to developing opportunities for Halal and maximising opportunities for the entire supply chain.”

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