Workers at poultry business rewarded for long service

Workers at poultry business rewarded for long service

Twelve employees from Soanes Poultry, a Yorkshire poultry business, have been rewarded for their long service.

(L to R) Ben Lee, Simon Vint, Petra Kdr, Daniel Spolny and Pitor Trzeciak.

Nights and logistics manager, Neil Mennell and production manager, Allison Clark both received awards for their 20 years’ service, whilst another ten members of staff were also recognised for having ten or more years’ service.

Soanes’ managing director, Nigel Upson, said: “Historically, we have only given rewards for 20 years’ service and above, but when we totted up the years, we realised that there were a lot of the team, particularly people working in the factory, who had been with us for well over 10 years. We have now instigated an annual reward scheme to celebrate team members who have been with us for a decade.”

“Many of these loyal, long serving team members have progressed within the business and it’s great to see these people thrive and grow along with us.

“15 people have worked for Soanes for a combined total of 265 years. That’s an amazing achievement and one that I’m very proud of. Long may it continue.”

Members of the team who were rewarded included operational and dispatch personnel, Piotr Trzeciak and Simon Vint, maintenance and cleaning staff, Petra Kdr and head of sales and marketing, Ben Lee.

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