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What is sustainable beef? asks McDonald’s

on Oct 01 2012

The American internet newspaper, The Huffington Post, recently ran an interesting piece about McDonald’s saying it needs to define what sustainable beef means. What does the meat industry think?

As the report signposts, Bob Langert, McDonald’s Corp’s sustainability vice president spoke to Bloomberg and some of his more interesting comments, as the Post reports were: “With some products [ like beef ], there’s not even a definition for what sustainable is. We want to use our size and influence to work with the industry and NGOs to come up with definitions of sustainable beef. Ultimately we want to scale the very best practices…

“Can we say we’re buying any sustainable beef today? No, we can’t. Could we be buying sustainable beef? We might be. What I mean by that is that there are no standards, measures, accountability and traceability to make those claims today.”

We’d be interested to hear what the UK meat industry thinks, at producer, processor and retailer level.

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