Additional ‘Meat the Market’ workshops announced

Additional ‘Meat the Market’ workshops announced

The next in the series of ‘Meat the Market’ workshops will be held at Scotbeef in Bridge of Allan at the start of next month.

Scotch Beef

Organised by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), the practical ‘Meat the Market’ events, for farmers, will highlight the key factors that need to be considered to ensure that livestock meet target carcase specifications required by processors.

The first meeting on 4th February will focus on cattle selection and the meeting on 5th February will focus on selecting prime lambs.

Although each meeting will focus on different types of stock, both events will explain how market and carcase specifications may differ based on customer requirements. Carcase weights, grading and presentation will also be covered to help farmers maximise their returns and minimise the risk of condemnations and carcase downgrades.

Those who attend Scotbeef will have the opportunity to visit the processing plant to assess stock before and after slaughter to see exactly how the grading process works.

The key speakers at both events will be George Allan and Adrian Crowe from Meat & Livestock Commercial Services Ltd (MLCSL) – a subsidiary of Hallmark Meat Hygiene Ltd., the only independent provider of abattoir authentication and classification services to the British processing industry.

With over 40 years’ experience working in the industry and with a sheep flock of his own, Allan provides practical training for UK livestock producers in the selection of live animals to meet buyer requirements, and also to those working in abattoirs who need to develop carcase assessment and classification skills.

Allan said: “Both workshops should prove valuable for sheep and cattle farmers and help them improve how they both select their finished livestock for market and make future breeding decisions in order to give them the best financial return.

“The workshops will also give the producers an opportunity to learn more about the whole supply chain, the differences between different types of cattle and sheep and the hygiene requirements at both farm and abattoir.”

Bill MacKinnon, head of procurement from Scotbeef, said: “We at Scotbeef are delighted to host the “Meat the Market” workshops on behalf of QMS. It is really important for producers to understand where their end market is, so we hope that this meeting will give them a greater understanding about the whole supply chain which in return helps them boost their income by selecting stock that meets the current market specification.”

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