AHDB offers help with direct selling of beef and lamb meat boxes from farms

AHDB offers help with direct selling of beef and lamb meat boxes from farms

AHDB has produced supporting materials for farmers who are looking to start up, or are running their own farm beef or lamb box scheme. 

Beef box poster in AHDB kits.

The beef kit provides cutting specifications to produce 20 boxes per carcase consisting off roasting joints, grilling / frying steaks, casserole joints, braising steaks, mince and diced beef (boxes contain 10 –12 kg depending on carcase weight).

The farm lamb box kit outlines three butchery options for a lamb carcase to produce, either a 1 large, 2 medium or 4 mini lamb boxes.

Both kits also contain a guide which illustrates the animal to meat cut yield, a template for printing posters and labels (freezer-proof meat labels are recommended) and a printable recipe leaflet to complement all the cuts in the meat box.

Those producers who are considering getting involved in meat retailing or opening a farm shop and require information, are advised by AHDB to look at the FSA website for a full checklist of legislative requirements.

Guidelines on the layout of a small cutting plant are also available. AHDB emphasises it is important that farmers contact their local authority to register their food business. It also suggests that free independent advice about food industry legislation and regulations, can be made by contacting the National Craft Butchers. 

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