Aldi and Scotbeef launch Scotch Wagyu Gourmet burger

Aldi and Scotbeef launch Scotch Wagyu Gourmet burger

As part of Aldi’s 25th anniversary in Scotland, the supermarket is launching a gourmet burger made using one of the world’s most expensive meats.

Produced in partnership with Scotbeef the Specially Selected Scotch Wagyu Gourmet Burger will retail at £3.49 per pack. The premium PGI-certified Scotch Wagyu Gourmet Burgers will be available in all 86 stores across Scotland.

To be classified as ‘Wagyu’, the meat must originate from one of four traditional Japanese cattle breeds; Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn and Japanese Polled. Aldi’s new Scotch Wagyu Gourmet Burgers are produced from traditional Japanese cattle breeds all born and reared in Scotland.

Wagyu meat is renowned for being one of the most expensive meats in the world and contains a high percentage of monosaturated fats, which gives the meat its distinctive marbling effect. Once cooked, the marbling melts into the meat, creating a tender texture and rich flavour.

Graham Nicolson, group buying director, Aldi Scotland, said: “The launch of our new Specially Selected Scotch Wagyu Gourmet Burgers is part of our wider commitment to supporting the Scotch Beef industry by working closely with Scotbeef to supply our customers with the highest quality Scotch meat at everyday low prices.”

The announcement follows NFU Scotland’s ‘shelf-watch’ supermarket survey, which revealed that Aldi was the strongest supporter of Scottish Beef with 96 per cent of beef stocked being Scotch Beef PGI certified.

Nick Watkin, national account manager for Scotbeef, commented: “We are incredibly proud to work in partnership with Aldi to meet the growing consumer demand for premium quality Scotch beef. The new Scotch Wagyu burgers reflect the retailer’s commitment to supporting the future of the Scotch beef and Scottish red meat industries.”

Earlier this year, Aldi announced the launch of a series of six Native Cattle Breed Scotch Burgers as part of its Fresh Meat Specialbuy calendar in partnership with Scotbeef. The Specially Selected Wagyu burgers are made from certified Scotch Beef, which means the meat is guaranteed to come from animals born and reared on assured Scottish farms. The scheme guarantees that the farm and abattoir processors meet stringent animal welfare and natural production methods, so that consumers can be sure they are buying produce of the highest quality.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Aldi opening its first store in Scotland and the 10th anniversary of the creation of its dedicated Scottish Buying Department. As part of Aldi’s ambitious plans for Scotland in its 25th anniversary year, the retailer says it aims to increase its range of Scottish products to more than 450 by the end of 2020.

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