Asda cuts prices of fresh meat staples

Asda cuts prices of fresh meat staples

As part of its plan to reduce costs for families, UK retailer Asda has invested £9 million to cut the price of staples such as fresh meat.

The price reductions are part of Asda’s plan to reduce shopping costs for families.

The prices of some of the shop’s most popular products have been lowered by an average of 14%, with 232 branded and own-label groceries seeing reductions.

According to Asda’s income tracker, more than 60% of households saw their disposable incomes fall in August compared to 2022, despite a reported decreased in the rate of inflation.

Products that have seen price reductions include:

  • Gammon Steaks (250g)
  • Asda 12 Turkey Meatballs (400g)
  • Asda Diced Chicken (400g)
  • Asda Mini Fillets (400g)

Kris Comerford, Asda’s chief commercial officer, said: “While the recent fall in inflation is welcome news, the average UK household is almost £80 per month worse off compared to two years ago, according to our latest Income Tracker data.

“This is the third price drop campaign we have launched in the last four months to support our customers, and our investment is focused on lowering the prices of popular products that make up the core weekly shop.

“We’re also continuing to work closely with our suppliers and whenever there are further opportunities to pass on commodity price savings to customers we will do so.” 

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