Avara launches Kickstart scheme at Hereford plant

Avara launches Kickstart scheme at Hereford plant

Avara will launch its participation in the government’s Kickstart employment scheme at the company’s biggest plant, in Hereford.

The Kickstart scheme is a government-supported placement programme helping those aged 16–24 who’ve been out of work get back on the job ladder. It was launched against the backdrop of rising unemployment during covid-19, which has disproportionately affected young people.

The scheme works in partnership with local Job Centres, which identify young people on the Universal Credit programme and refer them to Avara. Successful candidates are then offered an initial six-month contract that includes additional training, mentoring and further support to develop their employability skills and prepare them for long-term work, either permanently with Avara or elsewhere.

Responding to the launch, Avara stated: “It’s a great platform for young people wanting to start a rewarding career in the foods industry.

“During these challenging times many British companies are reducing staff numbers, but Avara Foods is actively recruiting across its operations as demand for poultry products remains high. Chicken and turkey are staple products in many consumers’ weekly shops, and the company needs new colleagues across its operations to help keep pace.”

“An opportunity for a long and successful career”

Avara’s people and communications director, Andrew Brodie, commented: “Youth unemployment is a real concern made worse by covid-19 and can result in long term issues for society; that’s why we’re pleased to offer opportunities under the government’s Kickstart scheme.”

Site manager at Avara Hereford, Marcus Billig welcomed the launch, explaining that the scheme aligned with Avara’s broader commitment as an employer to offer employees a welcoming place to work and opportunities “to develop, progress and improve, no matter who you are or what you do.”

He continued: “It also complements the many other career opportunities we already offer young people, through our apprenticeship, degree apprenticeship and graduate programmes. I hope that many will see Kickstart as an opportunity to start a long and successful career with us.”

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