BPC reiterates industry commitment to antimicrobial stewardship

BPC reiterates industry commitment to antimicrobial stewardship

The British Poultry Council has welcomed yesterday’s debate in Parliament on the use of antibiotics in farming. BPC chief executive Peter Bradnock said: “It is good to see Parliament starting to discuss such an important and complex issue. We are pleased that the Minister has publicly recognised and welcomed the industry’s voluntary ban on the use of cephalosporins in poultry production and the action on fluoroquinolones in day-old chicks.

“As reflected in the 2011 VMD report on antibiotics sales, antibiotic use on poultry farms is decreasing. As an active member of the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance, the British poultry industry promotes responsible use of antibiotics for poultry according to strict veterinary assessment.

“BPC agrees with the Minister’s statement regarding the scientific consensus on veterinary use of antibiotics not being a significant driver for human multiresistant infections. Scientific evidence increasingly recognises that the problem of antibiotic resistance in humans comes largely from the use of antibiotics in human medicine. Nevertheless, the poultry sector recognises the essential need to use antibiotics safely and responsibly.

“The industry is steadfastly committed to the highest standards of antimicrobial stewardship in the treatment of diseases in UK poultry production. We are at the forefront of education on the issue and we will continue to engage proactively with the government.”

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