Changes for NCB membership

Changes for NCB membership

National Craft Butchers has announced that in response to feedback from its members it has decided to simplify its membership packages, to make its benefits more applicable to businesses and increase the benefits enjoyed.

Richard Stevenson, technical manager at National Craft Butchers.

From 1st January 2020 it will have 3 core membership packages as well as its industry supplier corporate package.

The 3 core packages will be – Individual Membership, Basic Membership and Full Membership.These replace Student, Retired, Associate and Full memberships. All Retired and Student members will be automatically transferred to an Individual membership and all Associate members will be automatically transferred to the Basic membership package.

The Association said there will be no loss of benefits for any member, all their current benefits and access will remain the same as the new ones being introduced.

In 2020 it will also be launching new benefits including 24/7 Tax and VAT Helpline, 24/7 Corporate and Legal Helpline, some brand new Craft Butcher Awards open only to NCB Members, and NCB says it will continue to increase its HR template offering.

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