Faccenda Foods extends Roast in the Bag range

Faccenda Foods extends Roast in the Bag range

Faccenda Foods, one of the UK’s leading food companies is extending its award-winning Simply Roast in the Bag range, launching new products and flavours in Asda. 

Faccenda Foods RIB Production

After the success of the flavoured whole chicken range over the past year Faccenda Foods is now launching new flavours, as well as expanding into turkey in time for Christmas.

The product’s success is an innovative design that allows consumers to put it straight in the oven without having to remove the packaging first.

The food safety credentials of the Roast in the Bag product have been recognised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as one key intervention of a range of multiple measures being taken by poultry growers, producers, retailers and consumers to fight the Campylobacter bug.

Roast in the bag underlines the FSA’s message “Don’t Wash Raw Chicken,” which was the theme of Food Safety week in June 2014. Washing chicken under a tap produces splashing and could contaminate kitchen surfaces with the Campylobacter bacteria. Not having to open the bag and handle the raw chicken reduces the possibility of cross contamination and thorough cooking kills the bacteria.

Faccenda Foods Technical Director, David Keeble said: “Our award winning Roast in the Bag concept has allowed our customers to access high quality products that keep consumers safe in the kitchen, as the packaging ensures that raw meat is never handled.

Andy Wilson, Buying Manager – Fresh Poultry from Asda commented on the new launch saying: “Faccenda Foods’ Roast in the Bag is a truly innovative product that delivers what our customers want, good value, no fuss food they can cook with confidence. The new ranges will add to its already popular appeal.”

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