Government conference to address food data transparency

Government conference to address food data transparency

The Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum is holding a conference on Tuesday 5th September addressing its next steps for data and transparency in the food system.

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This conference will examine strategies for implementing a more transparent food system following the Government food strategy published last year, which announced the launch of the Food Data Transparency Partnership.

Government said the event will be an opportunity to identify priorities for consistent and informative reporting across the food industry for key metrics including public health, sustainability and animal welfare. 

Stakeholders and policymakers will examine varying priorities across the food supply chain to enable effective implementation of consistent mandatory reporting, as well as analysis of data collected.

Keynote sessions will feature talks from Lindsay Roome, head of the Food Data Transparency Partnership, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Julie Pierce, director of openness, data and digital, Food Standards Agency; and Dr Stephen Mackenzie, senior specialist, Greenhouse Gases, WRAP.

Areas for discussion include:

  • The Food Data Transparency Partnership: priorities and the role of the FDTP in addressing current targets on obesity, HFSS foods, mandatory animal welfare labelling and net zero ambitions

  • Metrics and definitions: establishing objective metrics which can be implemented effectively by industry and utilised as a basis for future interventions

  • Standardisation: developing a collaborative approach towards standardised data collection across the supply chain

  • Consumers: understanding and incorporating consumer priorities when creating guidelines for transparent and understandable food labelling

  • Stakeholder support: tailored support required for consistent implementation across different sectors, and alignment with current voluntary reporting already undertaken

  • Data-use moving forward: how food data will be used and actioned, including long-term monitoring of the programme.

Register for the conference here.

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