Holyrood announces Private Storage Aid for pig sector

Holyrood announces Private Storage Aid for pig sector

The Scottish government has said it will introduce a scheme that looks to tackle the current backlogs on pig farms.

According to Scottish Farmer, the Scottish government has announced a Private Storage Aid Scheme that aims to allow large quantities of pig meat to be processed, stored and reintroduced into the supply chain at a later date, along with support to increase abattoir throughput.

The Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers (SAMW) has welcomed the government’s plans. Martin Morgan, executive manager of SAMW, said: “The decision to open PSA for the Scottish pig sector is very welcome. The supply chain currently faces a number of challenges on a variety of fronts so any assistance the Scottish government can add to what is on offer down south will help provide a much-needed degree of stability in GB.”

Morgan went onto stress that the duration of the scheme “needs to be carefully managed” to ensure that the SAMW can close the scheme at the right time and “avoid creating further turbulence for producers and processors.”

The news follows an announcement by the UK government earlier this month, in which a package of measures to support the pig industry was promised, including private storage aid and new temporary butchers’ visas.

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