‘Let’s Change Lamb’ campaign helps drive demand in France

‘Let’s Change Lamb’ campaign helps drive demand in France

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has announced it will be participating in a French promotional campaign to drive demand for lamb among younger consumers.

The campaign will educate butchers on the cuts most appealing to younger consumers, in order to attract more buyers.

France is the UK’s largest market for lamb with exports of sheep meat to France from the UK in 2023 increasing by 23% in value on the year to £292 million and 23% in volume 45,000 tonnes.

AHDB has partnered with Interbev – the National Interprofessional of Livestock and Meat in France – to deliver the ‘Let’s Change Lamb’ campaign in Hauts de France. The campaign aims to upskill butchers and focus on smaller cuts to help drive demand among younger French consumers and will provide AHDB’s team in France with the ideal platform to further promote English lamb in a key market.

A series of events will be held in the region over the next year, including seminars on how to maximise carcase value and adopting innovative merchandising techniques, as well as education on seam butchery to help improve yield.

To kick things off AHDB and Interbev will have a stand promoting the campaign at the Terres en fêtes show which is due to take place on 9th June. It is the first agricultural show north of Paris, with AHDB stating that it is expected to attract more than 500 exhibitors and nearly 85,000 visitors. AHDB said it would enable the trade body to reach most buyers and butchers in the region.

Around 50 butchers in Hauts de France sell St George-branded English lamb, a region which is also home to some major importers of English lamb.

Lucille Brillaud, AHDB France marketing and communication manager, said: “France imports more than 50% of lamb consumed in the country. It is also the UK’s biggest export market for lamb. The UK is therefore a critical supplier to the French market.

“However, 77% of lamb consumed in France is eaten by the over 50s, which is why ‘Let’s Change Lamb’ is so important in repositioning it to help unlock demand among younger consumers. As part of that it is important for butchers to change the cuts they are offering to align with meal solutions for modern tastes.

“Meat consumption in Hauts de France is strong and we are delighted to be partnering with Interbev on the next phase of its campaign which we hope will continue to drive demand for English lamb in what is one of our most important markets.”

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