LMC launches third round of ‘The Truth About Beef’ campaign

LMC launches third round of ‘The Truth About Beef’ campaign

The Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) has released the third segment of its advertising campaign that seeks to raise consumer awareness of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQA) beef.

Local chef James Devine features in the LMC 2022 campaign.

Part of the ‘Good Honest Food’ campaign, the Truth About Beef advert follows local chef James Devine as he finds out more about the health and environmental benefits of NIFQA beef.

“A balanced view”

Speaking about the campaign, LMC’s marketing and communications manager Lauren Patterson said: “We know from independent research that those who have seen the campaign in previous bursts were significantly more likely to purchase NIFQA beef and lamb. Those surveyed agreed it was nutritious, produced more sustainably and of the highest quality. This confirmed with us the importance of getting the campaign back on consumer screens.”

The timing of the campaign is significant as Lauren claims that January is typically a time when the focus shifts to meat alternatives. She continued: “It is critical that consumers are given a balanced view using science-based facts. The Good Honest Food campaign is founded on independently reviewed, scientific research that is discussed with and communicated by the experts. It is hugely important that we are proactive in leading the conversation with impartial facts and consumers are correctly informed about beef and lamb production in Northern Ireland.”

Reaching new customers

Outlining the focus for the third stage of the campaign Lauren said: “It is important that we increase our presence on social channels such as Facebook and TikTok, as well as on increasingly popular streaming platforms such as Spotify. We know that this approach will allow us to reach consumers of all demographics and we are positive this will help to improve on the already impressive performance of the previous bursts.”

The third round of the campaign will run until the end of March 2022, featuring on television, radio and outdoor platforms. The campaign will also be broadcast across social media and online.

For more information about LMC’s ‘Good Honest Food’ campaign, search Love NI Beef.

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