Lockdown learning helping young meat chefs

Lockdown learning helping young meat chefs

As Meat Management reported at the end of April, new students signing up to Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) award-winning Meat Education Programme (MEP) has increased by 50 per cent since Government restrictions began. 

Anthony Gascoigne, lecturer at North Hertfordshire College.

A lecturer at North Hertfordshire College in Level 2 and 3 Professional Cookery, Anthony Gascoigne, told Meat Management: “The AHDB meat programme has formed an integral part of my North Hertfordshire College student chefs remote learning programme.

“The availability of the programme could not have come at a better time as learners were confined to their homes during lockdown. The content has developed existing skills and introduced new ones while being accessible and engaging. Students have engaged 100% with the units and recognise the value of the certificates being issued. The support offered from AHDB has motivated not only students but enabled staff to upskill too.”

One of Gascoigne’s students, Victoria Cooper, a Level 2 Professional Chef student said: “Since starting the AHDB courses, I feel as though I have learnt many new things. A lot of the new things I have learnt, such as looking at beef cuts and where they come from, have been so interesting and will be beneficial when I look for a job once I finish college. I am now starting the lamb questions which I am looking forward to as I enjoy looking into the different cuts. The online portal is really easy to use as well; it is well laid out, making it simple to see what work I have to complete. I am so grateful to AHDB for giving me the opportunity to add to my qualifications!”

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