Meat market insight: offal and leather back in favour?

Meat market insight: offal and leather back in favour?

J. P. Garnier on the steady increases in demand for offal and leather across the globe today.

After languishing for some years, cattle and sheep offal prices are firmly up. According to Bord Bía the value of bovine fifth quarter has more than doubled since last year from €84 to €204 per steer.

Demand for cattle hides is very high as the world economy recovers and demand outstrips supplies. From their very low levels of 2020, prices have shot up, often more than tripling.

Tallow prices have doubled. Indicative world prices for tongues have smashed their record with USDA reporting a value of £13.20/kg and Meat & Livestock Australia £15.99/kg, nearly three times more than the level they were a year ago.

Other strong performers include ox tails, livers, thick skirts, cheek meat and aorta. On the other hand, tripe prices are stable.

Meanwhile, the depressed market for sheep runners is at last showing signs of life with prices up 61%, albeit from a low base. Sheep tripe, kidneys and hearts are also firmly in positive territory. However, the encouraging picture of rising ovine fifth quarter value is marred by continuing low sheepskins prices.

Strong world demand and limited supplies are at last bringing the world market for fifth quarter products to a firmer footing. This all means a healthier livestock market, less dependent on the value of prime cuts.

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