New injection technique developed to help cure bacon

New injection technique developed to help cure bacon

GEA Food Solutions has announced it has developed an advanced injection technique, which it claims can contribute to high brine retention and low standard deviation to help food producers when curing bacon.

GEA’s Multijector is an automated injection system that introduces brine in a high-density injection pattern, combined with low injection pressure, avoiding injection points becoming saturated which can cause the brine to leak out. The company says a higher density of needles allows less brine per needle to be injected at a lower pressure.

According to GEA, benefits for bacon producers using this injection pattern include improved slicing yield, reduced post-injection purge and drip loss, optimum moisture and salt levels, while avoiding injecting air or foam, ultimately extending the shelf life of bacon by several weeks. 

GEA product expert, Wim Sturm, said: “Customers will not purchase bacon products which have inconsistent appearance, discolouration or a short shelf life. The distribution of brine should be even, consistent and well retained within the product. A tight needle pattern, in combination with immediate post-injection handling such as shaking or vibration, helps needle marks to be closed and the brine is more easily absorbed by the meat.”

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