Nigel Fredericks ceases trading

Nigel Fredericks ceases trading

It is believed that catering butcher Nigel Fredericks has ceased trading and may have entered administration, reliable sources have revealed. Meat Management has ascertained from the business’s landlord that rent had not been paid for some time and the company has now shut up shop. It appears that the company is not answering its phone and social media channels are not operating.

Nigel Tottman of Nigel Fredericks, which appears to have ceased trading and may have entered administration.

Nigel Fredericks was launched as a family business in North London in 1890 and grew to become a significant supplier of red meat, poultry and game.

Most recently run by managing director Nigel Tottman, the company has a varied client base and is said to have exclusively supplied Demi Glace sauce from Finland as well as Vintage Dry Aged Beef from its own facility.

Meat Management understands that personnel formerly associated with the Russell Hume business have shown an interest in the business. Russell Hume itself went into administration earlier this year following a Food Standards Agency (FSA) hygiene investigation. Headquartered in Derby, Russell Hume supplied meat to a number of hotels, restaurants and pubs across the UK – including JD Wetherspoon and Jamie Oliver restaurants. The business employed a total of 302 people.

When Nigel Fredericks was telephoned by Meat Management for confirmation of the reports there was no response to calls. The company’s Twitter and Instagram social media accounts have been deactivated.

The business is currently a member of the National Association of Catering Butchers (NACB) with Nigel Tottman a past chairman of the organisation. Meat Management contacted NACB and the organisation was unable to comment.

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