Raymond Blanc launches Aubrey Allen birthday celebrations

Raymond Blanc launches Aubrey Allen birthday celebrations

Catering Butcher Aubrey Allen celebrated its 90th year in business with a food festival held at its site in Coventry, which featured an exclusive conversation with globally renowned chef Raymond Blanc OBE.

Aubrey Allen celebrated its 90th birthday with a food festival, featuring a ‘Fireside Chat’ with chef Raymond Blanc.

Held on site on Monday 16th January, the food festival featured hot food made with Aubrey Allen’s produce and showcased the products of local and affiliated businesses, such as Lishman’s of Ilkley and Artisan Coffee amongst others.

An array of premium quality products was on display, from bacon and sausage at the ‘Pig’ Out station to the Food Tasting and Talks from cheese and charcuterie producers, plus Aubrey Allen chef-prepared dishes of blade of beef, shoulder of lamb roulade and duck leg confit.

The day’s proceedings offered many behind-scenes opportunities for the chefs, suppliers and friends of the business in attendance. Visitors were given a tour of their state-of-the-art beef dry aging fridges and a butchery demo from their master butcher.

Star power

Guests were also treated to a ‘Fireside Chat’ with Michelin-star chef Raymond Blanc, who spoke about his long-standing partnership with chairman Peter Allen and the family.

Aubrey Allen’s marketing director Lucianne Allen asked Blanc about the early days of working with Peter and discussed how the two had worked together to make Blanc’s Brasserie Bar Co more sustainable and reduce the impact of inflation on the business.

Speaking to the chefs in the audience, Blanc emphasised the importance of maintaining a good relationship with their meat suppliers amidst the current socio-economic challenges: “Stick with your great suppliers, keep talking to one another and find a way forward.”

Recounting his experience of opening his restaurant in the 70s amidst high inflation, strikes and power cuts, he added: “We succeeded and there is no reason we cannot all succeed this year!”

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