Red meat remains a firm favourite with Northern Ireland consumers

Red meat remains a firm favourite with Northern Ireland consumers

Over ninety per cent of consumers in Northern Ireland (NI) report to purchase or eat beef, the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) has confirmed. 

Lauren Patterson, LMC marketing and communications manager.

The positive statistic is drawn from a recent independent omnibus survey, commissioned by LMC to examine the current eating habits of NI consumers and evaluate their awareness of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQA) beef and lamb and familiarity with the LMC’s advertising campaign, Good Honest Food – The Truth About Beef.  

Insights to consumer perceptions of NIFQA beef and lamb paint a pleasing positive picture according to LMC marketing and communications manager, Lauren Patterson. “Consumers continue to value high quality, nutritional red meat with research proving that the majority of consumers view NIFQA beef as having health benefits. What’s more, over three quarters of consumers (77%) were in agreement that NIFQA beef is a natural source of vitamins and minerals.

“The nutritional value of red meat is well known. Beef and lamb are excellent sources of protein, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and a host of key B vitamins, which are essential for healthy growth and maintenance. In some cases, animal-based produce like red meat is the only source of these nutrients or provides the most absorbable option for human consumption.”

An important aspect of LMC’s work is to educate and inform consumers about red meat. The Commission’s advertising campaign, ‘The Truth About Beef’, is built around four key pillars, care for the environment, health and nutrition, responsible beef farming and creating enjoyable dishes from different cuts of beef.

Lauren continued: “LMC has been at the forefront of leading conversations about red meat and our advertising campaign proactively delivers answers to key questions consumers have about these topics from industry experts’ perspectives.

“From a consumer viewpoint, post campaign tracking research shows awareness of NIFQA beef products sits at 84%. Our research has also shown that remarkably low levels of consumers opt to follow vegetarian and vegan diets, and this trend has remained somewhat static over the past four years in Northern Ireland. From a LMC perspective, it is encouraging to see consumers make conscious and informed decisions about red meat and its role as part of a sustainable balanced diet while also appreciating the world class beef and lamb produced by our local farmers.”

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