Sausage-makers get creative ahead of UK Sausage Week

Sausage-makers get creative ahead of UK Sausage Week

According to Mintel, there is a gap in the market for ethnic-flavoured and ‘flavour pocket’ sausages. This news comes ahead of UK Sausage Week – for which sausage-makers are invited to submit products into two award categories: Innovative and Traditional.

Mintel told Meat Management that although processed meat innovation is still dominated by the smoky, BBQ, and peppery flavours, the market has also seen a recent spate of launches that reflect ethnic flavour trends.

The Attitudes towards World Cuisines – UK, March 2017 report revealed that 21% of UK consumers had eaten seven or more types of ethnic cuisine in the previous three months, while more than half (53%) said they are always looking for new ethnic dishes to try.

Some forward-thinking sausage manufacturers have therefore started to experiment with the fresh and spicy flavours associated with Mexican cuisine, and the more aromatic and fragrant flavours typical of Middle Eastern cooking.

For example, debbie&andrew’s has launched chilli con carne beef sausages “delicately spiced with tomatoes, onions, beans and garlic”, and Peperami has developed a Mexican flavoured version of its smoked pork salami sausages.

Such products, however, remain outnumbered by American-influenced flavours, suggesting room for further experimentation around ethnic cuisine.

debbie&andrew’s has launched chilli con carne beef sausages.

Hidden flavour pockets

Aside from international flavours, the most innovative example in the processed meat aisle has been the rise in products containing hidden pockets of flavour and sauces. This filled-middle concept has been borrowed from the fish segment, where melt-in-the-middle fishcakes are now well-established, providing a burst of flavour when consumers reach the exterior of products.

Asda launched Hot Dog Bursts in spring 2016: a range of smoked pork sausages containing pockets of sauce designed to burst open when the cooked product is cut. Flavours include American-style mustard, Memphis BBQ sauce and tomato ketchup – suggesting potential for other manufacturers to integrate this concept with ethnic flavours.

Processed Poultry and Red Meat – UK, November 2016, shows 34% of UK consumers want to see more burgers and sausages with flavoured fillings, such as cheese and mustard – making it the most in-demand concept for the category.

Peperami has launched a Tex-Mex snack.

Enter your innovative sausages today

Do you produce an ethnic inspired sausage? Or perhaps your company is experimenting with flavour pockets? Or do you produce a sausage with a unique flavour combination or a mix of herbs you’ve never seen used before? To be in with the chance of winning a UK Sausage Week Award in the Innovative category, enter your products here.

You can also keep up to date with the latest UK Sausage Week news on Twitter @UKSausageWeek, on Facebook and on LinkedIn. Join the conversation at #UKSausageWeek.

UK Sausage Week runs from 30th October to 5th November. Further information can be obtained from Emma Cash on or 01908 613323. For partnership opportunities contact Michelle Ingerfield on or 01908 613323.

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