Smithfield Foods says its supply is secure

Smithfield Foods says its supply is secure

Following numerous reports about a forthcoming bacon and pork shortage in both Europe and the States the world’s largest pork processor, Smithfield Foods, is adamant there will be no impact on its products.

In a company statement it said: “Contrary to recent media reports, there is no bacon shortage, at least not at Smithfield Foods, Inc. Thanks to our company farms and national network of family farm partnerships, we are happy and proud to continue delivering high-quality, flavourful bacon and bacon products to our retail and foodservice customers. Regardless of global economic drivers, our customers will continue to have access to the Smithfield Foods products, including our Smithfield, Farmland, Gwaltney and John Morrell bacon brands.

“And, while there isn’t an immediate shortage of bacon, this commitment will remain steadfast, even though we expect a lower supply of pork in 2013. While the current US supply of pork is adequate, strong global demand for pork could put additional pressure on domestic supply. Meanwhile, the high grain prices that were caused by the summer’s drought and the continuing ethanol policy will continue to be a financial hardship for domestic hog farmers and likely will cause many of them to cut production.”

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