The digital transformation of food safety and pest management

The digital transformation of food safety and pest management


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How Next-Gen connected technologies drive smarter, more efficient risk mitigation.

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Ensuring food safety and quality is a complex challenge especially when you’re a food production operation juggling the variables of multiple inputs, human-factor challenges and other food safety risks spread across your facility.

The most challenging reality of food safety is that there is no endpoint. Food safety is a 24/7/365 challenge — requiring constant monitoring and diligence. You can’t see everything, everywhere, all the time. So how do you deploy your resources efficiently and effectively to reduce your food safety risks while optimising your business operations?

Next-Gen connected technologies power smarter food safety strategies

Today, more and more food and beverage production businesses are solving the continuous monitoring challenge by leveraging next-generation connected technologies. These connected technologies help give businesses eyes and ears in their facilities and on their operations – making smart, data-driven food safety monitoring more practical and achievable.

Smarter pest management

Food businesses are recognising the tremendous potential and business value of continuous remote pest monitoring, data-driven alerting and risk prioritisation, and advanced prescriptive analytics insights to power a smarter, more efficient and more effective approach to pest risk reduction.

Leading pest management providers are combining connected technologies with their on-site service expertise to address this challenge with proactive, data-driven service. Remote monitoring devices are placed both internally and externally to help monitor high-risk and hard-to-access areas. Service experts combine insights gleaned through frequent on-site inspections with insights from these remote devices to proactively reduce pest risks across the facility.

Ecolab, a partner you can trust

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. Every day, we help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier – protecting people and vital resources. The Ecolab Pest Elimination division goes beyond pest control, putting our expertise to work every day to solve the industry’s most complex pest challenges. Through our proactive people and innovative spirit, we protect businesses by being committed to delivering a higher standard of pest control.

Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System

Ecolab’s Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System is a next-level approach to achieving pest-free environments. Tailored to your facility’s unique needs, it enables proactive and prescriptive service for your facility. Connected technologies give food businesses better visibility to some aspect of their business, enabling faster risk and trend identification, providing clearer risk prioritisation, and empowering businesses to take a data-driven approach to optimising resource allocation.

CASE STUDY: Data-driven pest management in practice

After implementing Ecolab’s Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System, a customer found an overall decrease in pest activity. This resulted in three times more pest findings, a 67% increase in resolved structural and sanitation findings and an overall decrease of 80% in pest activity. Now, the customer has greater visibility into pest activity, so they can be confident that their facility is better protected from pest risk.

Start building a data-driven pest management programme

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As part of our comprehensive Integrated Pest Management services, Ecolab leverages innovative technologies that apply the vast potential of remote connectivity and analytics to power a data-driven, risk-based approach to protecting your food safety and quality – and powering the success of your food business.

It is key to protect your site from pests and maintain high food safety standards.

Find out more about Ecolab’s Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System and get a free site survey.

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