Threats, withdrawals and risks – business continuity seminar at Campden BRI

Threats, withdrawals and risks – business continuity seminar at Campden BRI

Ensuring that a business has a sustainable long-term future is as much about foreseeing and planning for long-term global effects as it is about what to do if your factory burns down.

Both need to be considered and plans put in place to deal with the consequences, but the amount and type of information available for these factors will vary enormously. A one-day seminar at Campden BRI will help companies balance the shorter- and longer-term priorities.

Event Director Richard Leathers comments: “History and recent events have shown us the wide variety of risks and threats that exist to the safety and quality of food products that people trust, and both the hiatus and cost that can occur in the ensuing coverage when that trust is damaged. There are frequently warning signs, but these can often go unseen or unrecognised.

“This very timely seminar – Threats, withdrawals and risks – business continuity – to be held on 4th June 2013, will look at future proofing and horizon scanning in general, with the aim of minimising the threats and risks that businesses face. In essence it will tell delegates what to do, and where to go when a crisis arises. Presenters include a crisis communications consultant, business continuity and loss insurance experts, and food and drink technical specialists.”

For further information on the seminar contact Daphne Llewellyn-Davies +44(0)1386 842040

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