Tulip to take on 580 apprentices

Tulip to take on 580 apprentices

Food producer Tulip has shown its commitment to apprenticeships, as the firm will be employing around 580 young learners across its four sites over the next few years.

Tulip Foods apprentices

Hannah and Justine, apprentices at Tulip Foods, currently being trained by Remit Food.

Currently working with around 152 apprentices, Tulip is being supported by the national training provider, Remit Food.

Remit offers a range of qualifications from supporting operators packing on the line, to those running the line and the supervisors managing the line.

The training provider is working with Tulip to ensure targets are met through focusing on continuous improvements and by looking at improving current practises on performance as well as developing the process capability and looking at bringing cost down by managing resources effectively.

Remit delivers training on site, during the changeover of shifts, as well as ten minute meetings which are planned into apprentices’ days.

Martin Robinson, Remit business development executive, said: “This is a fast paced environment, where time means money and efficiency is key. For us to effectively train our apprentices, while ensuring the business’ productivity isn’t affected in the short term, we have had to develop close communication with Tulip’s managers, permitting learners to leave the line for short bursts of time, while always being nearby and on hand if they’re needed.

Robinson stated that the training and work with each individual apprentice will in the long term have a positive impact of the efficiency of the lines.

He added: “Once they’re up to speed, we can then look together at ways to increase efficiency, using their new skills and fresh perspective to find ways to become more lean.”

Once the apprentices are competent on a particular line, it is important to move them onto another line where they can instigate the same process.

Taking on new apprentices was part of tulip’s plan for expansion which attempts to enhance its operation, while investing in and empowering its employees.

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