UK Halal sector expected to be worth £2bn by 2028

UK Halal sector expected to be worth £2bn by 2028

The Halal Monitoring Committee has published a report on the halal sector, which looks at the importance of the halal market to UK farming and to the UK economy.

Dr Awal Fuseini, report researcher and AHDB halal sector senior manager.

Research conducted by Dr Awal Fuseini, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) halal sector senior manager; Dr John Lever and Dr Shabbir Dastgir at the University of Huddersfield was compiled and presented in the report, titled ‘The value of the halal sector to the UK economy from farm to fork‘.

The report found that the value of the halal meat and poultry sector at slaughter is approximately £1.7 billion out of an overall UK total of £11 billion, equating to about 15% of the overall value. It is stated that if the halal market remains constant at 15% over the next five years, this figure will rise to almost £2 billion by 2028, with the UK meat sector reaching £13.5 billion.

Included in the report is an analysis of the halal meat and poultry sector, the halal supply chain, halal certification, sustainability and potential opportunities or challenges that the sector may face.

The data obtained was collected using formal interviews with key individuals in the halal supply chain, and the researchers also visited livestock markets throughout the Midlands and North of England to conduct observations and informal interviews. Data from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on slaughter and animal stunning was also used.

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