UK meat consumption reaches new heights, latest research finds

UK meat consumption reaches new heights, latest research finds

Data from multiple organisations, including the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shows that meat consumption is rising steadily.

Beef mince is the most popular UK meat product.

According to research commissioned by, UK households purchased £833 million of beef mince in the year ending April 2023, solidifying it as the most popular beef product.

The report suggests that UK meat consumers are more likely to opt for a versatile and economical meat, while steak taking second place shows that consumers still enjoy indulging in this classic cut of beef.

There was an upward trend in the UK’s meat consumption from 2005 to 2022, peaking at £22 billion consumed in 2022.

Worldwide beef and veal production fluctuated between 57 and 61 million metric tonnes annually from 2012 to 2023, with the US being the leading producer. For 2023, it is predicted that beef and veal will see a production volume of roughly 59 million metric tonnes.

By 2023, global beef and veal production is projected to hit approximately 59 million metric tonnes, with both the UK and the US contributing significantly as consumers and producers. These trends illustrate the persistent importance of meat in both nations’ diets, framed by cultural preferences and traditions.

Primary data was collated from and secondary data from the Office for National Statistics (UK), US Department of Agriculture, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, IRI, McLane, MRI-Simmons, Nielsen; CSP, Winsight Grocery Business, US Department of Agriculture; Economic Research Service, Nielsen, and Progressive Grocer.

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