UK pork imports increase, finds AHDB

UK pork imports increase, finds AHDB

According to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), UK pork imports have increased month-on-month and year-on-year (YoY).

AHDB said that the total pig meat exports to the UK in August sat at 65,600 tonnes, an increase of 230 tonnes compared to the previous month. Following a decline for the first four months of the year, imports grew YoY from May onwards.

The English pig population is currently at its “lowest in over a decade”, with UK pork production continuing to be impacted by market conditions.


An estimate from AHDB shows that overall volumes of pig meat purchased through retail and food service has reduced by 1.3% YoY for the 52 weeks ending 3rd September 2023.

Retail import volumes decreased by 2.5%, but demand trends have diverged between food service and retail, with volumes in food service growing by 7.2%.

AHDB said that imports of fresh, frozen and bacon products increased, but sausages and processed pig meat imports declined both month-on-month and YoY.

Fresh and frozen products saw a volume gain of 23% YoY, while bacon products increased by 12% YoY.


AHDB reported a YoY decrease of 16% on pig meat exports in August, whiles shipments of fresh and frozen pork were down 24% YoY.

The market share of offal has increased YoY, as the volume of offal exports was only just behind that of fresh and frozen pork at 10,500 tonnes, taking up a market share of 44%.

The price differential between UK and EU product increased over the period, meaning the UK is now less competitive with the EU.

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