Waitrose reports increased sausage sales in new report

Waitrose reports increased sausage sales in new report

UK retailer Waitrose has published its 2023/24 Food and Drink Report, observing a 34% increase in its own-label sausage sales.

Sales of the Waitrose Essential Pork Sausages were up by 34% compared to the previous year.

Waitrose surveyed 2000 UK adults, finding that 32% of shoppers were turning to more classic dishes such as shepherd’s pie and macaroni cheese. Potato based dishes saw an increase in sales, with the Waitrose Essential French Fries up 80% and its Essential Crinkle Cut Chips up 34%.

Consumers bought more of the traditional British banger, with the retailer reporting a 34% sales increase in Waitrose Essential Pork Sausages. During the wet summer months, sales of ready made roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings were up 47% and 39% respectively.

The supermarket reported an increased interest in foods ‘high in protein’, with 12% of surveyed adults claiming to have changed their diet over the past year to eat more protein. Sales of high-protein yogurts and drinks were up by 39% in-store, with cottage cheese sales up 14%.

Waitrose also observed a third of surveyed people said they had switched from eating a low fat dairy product to a full fat one. The most commonly switched product was milk, followed by yoghurt and cheese.

James Bailey, executive director of Waitrose, said: “This year, food inflation has changed not only how people shop, but also how they cook and eat. Price-conscious customers have been searching for the best value; switching more to own-label, buying bigger pack sizes and looking to our promotions to cushion their bills.

“They’ve been simplifying their meal choices and becoming a little less adventurous, choosing familiar foods and recipes they find comforting. Chicken Kyiv and beer battered fish are the most popular dishes in our Dine In Meal Deal.”

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