Welsh Lamb joins with top chef to highlight world hunger

Welsh Lamb joins with top chef to highlight world hunger

Francesco Mazzei, a leading London-based chef and restaurateur, teamed up with Welsh Lamb in the runup to the festive season to help a charity dedicated to tackling global hunger and malnutrition.

Francesco Mazzei cooking at the Action Against Hunger event.

Francesco, a recognisable face from popular TV food shows and a leading light of the London restaurant scene, cooked Welsh Lamb racks at a dinner of supporters of Action Against Hunger (AAH), hosted by food writers Bill Knott and Rose Prince.

The event raised awareness of AAH’s work in training parents and healthcare workers to spot signs of malnutrition, and carrying out research on programmes to tackle global hunger which supports nearly 25 million people across 51 countries.

Francesco Mazzei said: “I was delighted to support Action Against Hunger by cooking a dinner hosted by food writers and long-term AAH supporters Bill Knott and Rose Prince. This intimate dinner was attended by some of Action Against Hunger’s key supporters to give them the chance to learn more in-depth about their impact on fighting world hunger and become friends of the charity. As world hunger is sadly on the rise, we hope this dinner will inspire them to continue their wonderful support, to help create a world where no one dies from hunger.”

HCC brand marketing executive Philippa Gill said: “Francesco Mazzei has been a leading supporter and friend of Welsh Lamb, and we’ve worked together on a wide range of promotional campaigns over recent months. This dinner was a chance for both us and Francesco to highlight the global context of food security.”

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