‘Support our sustainable ‘Welsh Way’ of farming’ says HCC chairman

‘Support our sustainable ‘Welsh Way’ of farming’ says HCC chairman

It’s time to support environmentally-sustainable Welsh farmers, and draw a clear distinction between the very different ways of producing meat that exist across the world, HCC’s chairman Kevin Roberts told an industry breakfast audience at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair.

HCC chairman, Kevin Roberts.

He said that HCC’s Board had announced a £250,000 investment from reserves in a multi-media marketing and communications campaign for late winter and early spring. It would be used to inform media and consumers of the non-intensive and sustainable way in which sheep and cattle were farmed in Wales.

“In short, the ‘Welsh Way’ of farming is the solution, not the problem; we want to encourage consumers to support farmers that harmonise with the environment,” said Kevin Roberts.

Backing the ‘Welsh Way’ of producing Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, he said: “In Wales, we rear our animals ethically, and in an environmentally-conscious manner.

“The science and the geography supports us; plentiful rain and lush grass on land that has been farmed for centuries and can be utilised for little else other than livestock.

“I seek in no way to reduce the threat caused by serious global environmental issues like deforestation of the Amazon; it is a very real worry and poses a direct threat to the planet and to future generations.

“But we really do have to show some shade in this argument. Red meat production in many parts of the world is dramatically different to ours. Issues around intensive production methods and destruction of the rainforest are totally alien to Wales’ sweeping green hillside landscapes, our prized husbandry, animal welfare principles and systems of production.”

He said the new campaign was also needed: “To counter malevolent internet inaccuracies and the raft of preaching self-promoters who write twaddle on twitter and food fake news on Facebook.

“In the next two days, it should become evident to any visitor to this Winter Fair just how much our farmers care about the welfare of their animals, the wonderful Welsh environment and their job in feeding our communities in Wales – and the many others who wisely choose to buy our quality, premium red meat,” concluded Roberts.


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