Chicken products recalled due to incorrect labelling

Chicken products recalled due to incorrect labelling

A couple of companies have recently had to recall some of their stock due to labelling not specifying the correct nutritional information.

Raw chicken drumsticks

Incorrect labelling can be a major risk for consumers.

Labelling is highly important due to the increase in food intolerances and allergies in recent years. The smallest amount of contaminant can cause a major health risk for those who suffer.

Covent Garden Soup Co has had to recall its Skinny Goan Spiced Chicken Soup due to the fact that the product contains mustard, which is not specified on its label.

Similarly, Co-op has had to recall its Southern Fried Chicken Wrap because it contains milk and fish which, again, is not clearly stated on the label. This means anyone with an allergy or intolerance to either ingredient could be at risk.

It is said that no other products from these companies have been affected.

Customers to both companies are being warned of the issue and are being encouraged to return the items, if bought, to the store.

The Food Standards Agency has alerted people via its website, informing customers of the recall and of the possible risk.

This issue highlights that whether the possibility of risk is major or not, it is crucial for every ingredient that is in the product to be properly labelled.

Not only this, but any product, including food grade lubricants, which could cause contamination just by coming into contact with the product or surrounding area, must be labelled properly.

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