Common Hall ceremony elects new Master for WCB

Common Hall ceremony elects new Master for WCB

Geoff Gillo has been elected as the new Master of the Worshipful Company of Butchers (WCB) at the annual Common Hall ceremony in London. He will fulfil his duties over the coming year heading up the meat trade’s livery company.

WCB Common Hall

The outgoing court and Master gathered outside Ironmongers’ Hall ahead of the procession.

The annual election for Master and the new Court of the WCB took place at Ironmongers’ Hall, London, whilst the usual venue of Butchers’ Hall is out of commission for refurbishment. The ancient ceremony followed a church service held at The Priory Church of St. Bartholomew The Great, located near Smithfield Market.

A procession of the outgoing Court and Master was watched by interested spectators when it made its way to and from the Ironmongers Hall and St Bartholomew’s church. The beadle, Neil Hunt, led the procession as is the long standing custom. The new Master has confirmed that his two charities for the coming year will be the Butchers Hall’s Redevelopment Fund and also Lifelites, a charity providing specialist stimulating and entertaining technology for over 10,000 children in hospices.

Common Hall is followed by a convivial lunch attended by Court members and Liverymen together with some guests.

Geoff Gillo is the new Master of WCB.

The full court for 2017 / 18 is confirmed as follows:

Geoffrey Michael Gillo

Timothy Peter Dumenil
Andrew William Parker
Margaret Andrea Boanas
Derek William Berry
Christopher Frank Wood

George Christopher Mark Adams
Ian Kelly
Nicholas John Anstee
Patricia Jane Dart
Stuart Peter James Thompson
Graham William Baker
John Allton Jones
Gwyn Howells
Stephen John Chick
Peter Howard Allen
Timothy John Stone
William John Jermey
David Edwin Baker
Anthony Michael Stanton
Robert John Yandell

John Michael Reid

The procession leading away from Ironmongers’ Hall.

The newly elected Master called for all Liverymen to engage fully with the livery company’s principles of Fellowship, Charity and Education in what he called “the most exciting time in our history”. His Common Hall acceptance speech urged Liverymen to pledge their commitment and support to the new, fit for purpose Butchers’ Hall that seeks to put the Butchers’ Company at the heart of the industry, while ensuring the legacy from this generation of Liverymen.

Joining the WCB Court for the first time is Rob Yandell, a director of Yandell Media Group which publishes Meat Management magazine. Rob said: “I am honoured and delighted to join the WCB Court this year and look forward to making any contribution I can to this historic and important organisation that remains right at the centre of our great industry.”


Yandell Media Group’s Rob Yandell has joined the WCB court.

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