JBS boss calls for farmers to receive sustainability funding

JBS boss calls for farmers to receive sustainability funding

JBS Global CEO Gilberto Tomazoni has spoken out about the importance of providing knowledge and access to finance to support small producers in the sustainable food transition, all while keeping costs down.

JBS supported the idea of industry coming together to direct funding towards farmers.

CEO of protein processor JBS Global said at a World Economic Forum (WEF) First Movers Coalition for Food panel in Davos that it was a matter of “coming together” to fund farmers to adopt more sustainable practices like regenerative agriculture, emphasising that technologies are “already available”.

He said that the industry was already testing cattle feed additives to reduce enteric methane emissions.

Tomazoni also argued that support towards regenerative practices was necessary – especially on small rural properties – and said that agriculture was “a key solution” to tackling climate change and feeding the global population.

Highlighting that food systems are responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions but receive less than 4% of climate financing, he said: “Throughout the food chain, we must help our producer partners adopt new technologies and manage their operations more sustainably, according to the highest environmental standards.

“We need to unite forces because this is one of the challenges we need to solve together, among society, the public sector, and the private sector. It is a fact that we need to feed the global population and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The most important thing is that we put farmers – people – at the centre.”

The participants agreed that the role of food systems “is at a turning point”, with the WEF estimating that $10 trillion is generated by the sector, globally accounting for 40% of all jobs. At the same time, it estimated that food production accounts for over 70% of total global freshwater consumption.

JBS joined the First Movers Coalition for Food during COP28, together with the leadership of the WEF, the support of the UAE Government and 19 other companies.

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