The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) attended an international trade show alongside four exporters in Shanghai, China to showcase British pork.

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AHDB said Asia had high potential for UK exports due to its high regard for food quality.

SIAL China, which was held 28-30th May, attracted more than 1,500 international exhibitors and nearly 100,000 buyers, with AHDB describing it as a "key platform" for exporters' products to take centre stage in front of existing and potential new clients.

AHDB said China remains the UK's "largest single market" for pig meat exports, taking 112,218 tonnes in 2023, worth over £179 million. It also said that there continues to be "strong demand" for fifth-quarter exports with 58.8% of volume shipped falling into this category.

The latest data from AHDB showed that in the first quarter of 2024 alone, UK pork exports to China totalled 28,189 tonnes and were valued at £37 million.

Jonathon Eckley, AHDB head of international trade development, said: "China is a major market for British pork due to its substantial demand and ongoing growth potential. SIAL China is a critical event for us as it provides a unique opportunity to showcase our high-quality products to a vast audience of international buyers.

"This platform is essential for strengthening our relationships with existing clients and establishing connections with new potential customers. Our presence at SIAL China highlights our dedication to expanding our reach in this key market and supporting our exporters in maximising their opportunities.

"We maintain an important presence in China via Holly Chen, our representative who works solely for AHDB via the China Britain Business Council."

AHDB highlighted that Asia holds "significant potential" for UK exports due to its large population, increasing middle-class wealth, rising meat consumption and consumers' high regard for food safety and quality.