Promotion plans for British beef and lamb

Promotion plans for British beef and lamb

The supply chain must continue to find ways to work together more closely to stimulate demand for beef and lamb, an industry round table meeting, called by the NFU livestock board, agreed.

Adam Quinney, AHDB Beef and Lamb.

Adam Quinney, AHDB Beef and Lamb.

Key industry stakeholders met at the NFU Headquarters, in Warwickshire, to discuss the challenges facing promotion of beef and lamb in the UK and new ways of working together to make the most of available resources.

The overriding message from stakeholders attending was the need for the industry to find innovative ways of marketing red meat and encouraging the public to buy more British Red Tractor assured beef and lamb.

Adam Quinney, chairman of AHDB Beef and Lamb, said: “It’s now more important than ever that all links in the supply chain work closely together to promote beef and lamb. Consumers want to buy quality beef and lamb that delivers consistent eating quality and we have a fantastic product, which is sustainably produced. That puts us in a very strong position.

“By working closely with industry partners, producers, processors and retailers, we can all maximise returns while maintaining robust demand.

“Roundtable meetings such as this are invaluable in ensuring that everyone involved is working towards the same goals.”

NFU chief livestock adviser, John Royle, added: “With a changing retail market it has never been more important to ensure promotional activity is coordinated and targeted to achieve greater penetration of quality British beef and lamb.

“We heard that the retail sector is changing where shoppers seek out meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes as opposed to an hour in the 1980s. The whole supply chain needs to react and that starts with clear market signals to producers, and for processors and retailers to develop and put to market new innovative cuts and products that resonate with the British consumer.

“All those present at the meeting have an interest in promoting beef and lamb, by working together, sharing ideas and best practice targeted promotional activity we can deliver a real boost to the sector and ensure consumers have access to Great British beef and lamb and we will continue to lobby others to spend money effectively for the good of the industry.”

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