Sainsbury’s discounts meat and poultry products

Sainsbury’s discounts meat and poultry products

UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has introduced meat and poultry products across its Nectar Prices scheme, bringing the total number of products on offer to around 3,500.

Around 3,500 products are now included in Nectar Prices, with all offers available in store and online.

For the first time, Nectar customers can make savings on meat and poultry when shopping in store or online.

The retailer is offering up to a third off on some products, making the weekly shop less expensive for over 18 million Nectar customers.

The discounts are also rolling out into other branded ranges including Fridge Raiders, Peperami and Richmond sausages.

Nectar Prices are now available on products such as:

  • Sainsbury’s So Organic lamb mince (usually £5.50, Nectar Price £3.50)
  • By Sainsbury’s southern fried chicken breast steaks (usually £3.55, Nectar Price £2.75)
  • Taste the Difference Signature beef rib and brisket burgers (usually £3.50, Nectar Price £2.30)
  • Richmond thick pork sausages (usually £3.25, Nectar Price £2.25)
  • Gressingham half aromatic duck (usually £8.00, Nectar Price £6.25)

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